MTN PRO Aerosol 400ml – Chrome Effect

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*** This product has changed names from ‘Metal Effects’ to ‘Chrome Effects’, some cans may still have the old name on the can but is the same product

MTN PRO Chrome Effects Paint is a spray paint that is suitable for all types of surfaces which you would like to give a chrome or metallic effect. Its finish provides a strong aesthetic impact and is suitable for craft, artistic and decorative work.

Product Characteristics

• Quick drying

• High coverage

• Good adhesion

• Does not contain Lead

• Easy to apply and repaint

• Not anticorrosive

• Effective metal effect (chrome-plated)

• Non-resistant to abrasion or weathering


This is a paint that mimics metals with a chrome finish. This is achieved by with a leafing effect.

Leafing pigments work by floating in the paint film and are oriented horizontally to its surface. Thanks to this formula, they create the impression of a chromed surface with high reflection.

This nature of the paint means that it is not suitable for outdoor use or in circumstances where the painted object will be touched, since the effect will disappear.

For the same reason, it cannot be varnished. If you do so, it will lose its chrome effect and you will end up with a matt metallic paint finish.

Therefore, this paint is to be used indoors exclusively for decorative use.

If you require a metallic that can be touched we would recommend the MTN Pro Metallic range.



• Technical Data Sheet (.pdf)

• MSDS- Copper (.pdf)

• MSDS – Gold (.pdf)

• MSDS – Silver (.pdf)

Additional information

Weight 398 g
Dimensions 19.7 × 6.6 × 6.6 cm