MTN PRO Aerosol 400ml – Metallic Paint

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9 Colours

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Acrylic, fast drying solvent-based paint, available in a range of 9 metallic colours.

Formulated from solvent-based acrylic resins of a highly pearlescent nature that gives it a high quality metallic appearance with a glossy and uniform finish.

Suitable for multiple indoor and outdoor uses such as decoration and protection – automobiles, bicycles, decorative objects etc.

Suitable various surfaces: wood, metal, stainless steel, glass, wicker, plaster, ceramic, stone, hard plastic.

– Very fast drying
– Good elasticity
– Easy to apply and recoat
– Excellent adhesion
– Does not contain lead
– Good covering capability
– Excellent gloss finish even without varnishing
– Very good resistance to the sun and rain
– Perfect results both indoor or outdoors
– Can be varnished

Instructions for Use
– Shake the can vigorously before use, for approximately one minute after hearing the sound of the mixer
– On rusty metallic surfaces remove corrosion with a wire brush
– On plastics like PS and PP apply a primer layer first
– Apply thin coats for better results. 3 thin coats are better than 1 thick coat
– Recoatable after ten minutes
– Allows for subsequent varnishing
– In cases where parts are susceptible to being in contact with gasoline or chemical products, varnish with MTN 2K Varnish.

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Weight 410 g
Dimensions 19.7 × 6.6 × 6.6 cm