Pilot Parallel Pen

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6 Sizes

Parallel-1.51.5 mm$25.95

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Parallel-2.42.4 mm$25.95

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Parallel-3.03.0 mm$25.95

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Parallel-Pen13.8 mm$25.95

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Parallel-4.54.5 mm$25.95

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Parallel-Pen26.0 mm$25.95

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SKU: 01-0320-6.0


The Pilot Parallel Pen is a step beyond in the design of the calligraphic pens. It mounts two plates that allow to create parallel lines with much sharpness than other pens. It also allows to create degraded by transferring ink from a pen to another.

These pens have an ergonomic shape and can be used both left-handed and right-handed.

• 6 nib sizes available

• An exciting development in calligraphy pen technology

• Parallel double-blade nib in stainless steel

• Enables precision pen craft and highly defined lines

• Allows ink transfer between nibs for colour gradients

• Marker Diameter: 10mm

• Marker Length: 162mm

• Marker Length capped: 170mm

• Ink cartridges available in 9 colours

• Made in Japan

Each pen comes packaged display ready with

• Pilot Parallel Pen

• Two ink cartridges (black and red)

• Nib cleaner

• Instruction guide

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