MOLOTOW Dripstick 863 DS

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13 Colours • 6mm Tip

596e5072-9c74-4b8f-885d-e230affba750.jpgSignal Black$13.95

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48c092dc-41a4-4e11-a5d8-4df45d3da517.pngZinc Yellow$13.95

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1c13f08d-57ce-4cf6-8a1c-380e80cfa034.jpgMelon Yellow$13.95

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e1eb33a0-2df1-4e74-aa7e-27974b4ee16e.jpgTraffic Red$13.95

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77c76796-bfce-4bdf-b16c-ae25df37b4bf.jpgFuchsia Pink$13.95

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97b70415-fd78-45de-b289-4b65f448b7a4.jpgShock Blue Middle$13.95

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SKU: 863006


Hello new action friend!


The Dripstick PP 863DS is equipped with a 6 mm Highflow applicator and can be refilled with 30 ml. 

The perfect companion on the road! Juicy, highly-opaque, glossy – perfect for smooth surfaces and fun on dynamics. 






 for nearly all smooth surfaces

 for indoor and outdoor use

 13 color shades

 squeeze bottle

 unscrewable tank cap

 6 mm Highflow applicator


 exchangeable applicator


 filling quantity: 30 ml

Check surface for compatibility before application.

Additional information

Weight 47 g
Dimensions 2.5 × 2.5 × 11.4 cm