Graffiti Coloring Book : Volume 3

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Graffiti Coloring Book 3 – International Styles

The third coloring book in the popular Graffiti Coloring Book series from Dokument Press is filled to the brim with the world’s top graffiti styles.
Over 60 images of the same number of writers from around the world are crowded on the sides. Color the wild, playful and cocky characters and imaginative shapes.
A play with color and design for both grown-ups and kids, and a chance to learn from some of the world’s best graffiti artists.

With letters and figures of Bus 126, Diko, Doe, Fati, Hews, How & Nosm, Izzy, Kacao 77, Ket, Kid Kash, Paříž, Rubin, Semor, LM, Swets, SP One, Tones, Zeus 40 and many more.

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