Craigie Tales

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For 15 years the northern suburb of Craigie provided a place for graffiti writers to paint without fear of prosecution or persecution. For the first time in the suburbs history an attempt to document the stories, pieces and individuals that made the Craigie Walls an important place in West Australian graffiti culture has been made. Craigie Tales is a publication about a suburb, a site and a mural arts program regulated by the painters that took ownership of three local High School tennis court walls.

With insight, narratives and images collected from the painters that made Craigie a home to a subculture, Craigie Tales offers an experience in to (sub)urban folklore and transmits moments and movements that are privy to few. Providing an essential understanding to a code of conduct that would last for over a decade Craigie Tales celebrates the act of writing and a site that would define Perth’s painting culture.

A5 portrait
324 pages full colour
Matt artboard laminated cover 350gsm
Matt artpaper text and images 150gsm
Section sewn binding

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