FLAME Orange

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120 Colours • Matte Finish • High Pressure

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Spray Paint Discount - buy any mix of colours and brands of single aerosol cans to receive this discount. Excludes limited edition cans and cans purchased in boxes of 6.
cd8ab6a1-fbf4-4964-aff2-8cae59d508d6-1.png100 Vanilla$6.95

26 in stock

4fe2fe54-3583-458e-a63b-c611ff1a97fd.png102 Zinc Yellow$6.95

54 in stock

0ee74755-5457-41e2-9a43-4ae944e89578.png104 Cadmium Yellow$6.95

140 in stock

106106 Signal Yellow$6.95

52 in stock

97e6d908-dab1-46f4-a9ca-823722bdf859.png107 Melon Light$6.95

55 in stock

2ed4d33b-a2ce-4400-a5ef-73a808edc89a.png110 Melon Yellow$6.95

95 in stock

bf6c2816-61b4-4e27-bd91-941a97ea652c.png111 Melon Dark$6.95

97 in stock

9199bd4a-a24a-44eb-b603-10c22e0b98c7.png113 Curry$6.95

68 in stock

538b7158-d9e4-490f-a0b7-caa5372a49dd.png200 Peach$6.95

71 in stock

7f5abdf3-b89f-49c4-b00c-22bc09b8b977.png202 Pastel Orange$6.95

Out of stock

6ca08cee-c5b4-40ba-b14a-2b18e2c90263.png204 Light Orange$6.95

Out of stock

81b0e1f6-2d2e-4fa7-be22-a616a5d4474f.png205 Peach Dark$6.95

123 in stock

e6345d36-0ac1-498b-8e81-9f40ef53995d.png208 Pfirsich Kalt$6.95

22 in stock

dc8f5211-ccde-4ecd-932a-783f88a0fa18.png210 Apricot$6.95

63 in stock

a0c37fd1-27e1-4d33-b3e8-e3b3b250fadb.png212 Orange$6.95

53 in stock

362dafb5-c340-49c4-b436-ea98441796d9.png214 Red Orange$6.95

15 in stock

cb1b3456-38ab-40bd-9149-ca5474fd95cf.png304 Signal Red$6.95

Out of stock

5a516aa7-2e45-4aea-8be3-845a04328c4e.png306 Ruby Red$6.95

44 in stock

ac336ce6-c3db-469e-802b-b8930c561040.png307 Coral$6.95

98 in stock

785ee03a-40eb-4ffc-8f3c-155c805700a7.png308 Pigletp Pink Light$6.95

99 in stock

b54cc2a9-fd61-4395-83d9-5637224d5b1a.png309 Piglet Pink Middle$6.95

70 in stock

aec86416-49c6-4c59-920a-d6400379dda1.png310 Piglet Pink$6.95

75 in stock

02ba2b2c-a933-42f0-bee6-94e9ea7225db.png311 Crazy Cherry$6.95

30 in stock

0eddf26f-be19-49e2-b44d-0cb8bc165696.png312 Fire Red$6.95

Out of stock

8b14bbd1-5115-4b5b-8710-5b6467ebd12e.png313 Cherry Dark$6.95

Out of stock

64444415-6fed-4761-8238-ea72c4cc9b31.png314 Piglet Pink Dark$6.95

63 in stock

1f237da8-8f0e-41d3-a018-54e2bc7fb5f9.png318 Traffic Purple Dark$6.95

80 in stock

5d66e3ba-3e91-4e7a-9e48-c5198e49c50e.png320 Burgundy$6.95

56 in stock

2480a554-ad38-4f9b-a655-226839919f8b.png322 Aubergine$6.95

108 in stock

c4a9a949-1274-40d5-ba0b-72f6e05009fd.png323 Aubergine Dark$6.95

Out of stock

c9477f59-3738-4b04-a166-fd6cae80e780.png396 Violet$6.95

70 in stock

e70b97ef-dbe1-43e8-af5e-dd6427b96df5.png397 Crazy Violet$6.95

79 in stock

22d23179-a7b0-41ac-b3cf-ec484a0ab906.png398 Deep Violet$6.95

70 in stock

c48f9b66-7102-4f79-b124-0a92a0662274.png399 Erica Light$6.95

Out of stock

57ef4eb0-0d69-4553-b198-753039471c46.png400 Erica Violet$6.95

Out of stock

1d21cc1c-9797-45b7-b1ea-a249867ff6bc.png401 Erica Pastel$6.95

112 in stock

81fcba70-d268-4cc4-8bf7-5e7d1f863e8f.png402 Telemagenta$6.95

114 in stock

a49d2619-15da-42b0-8e53-2dbc66c3b64f.png403 Deep Violet Dark$6.95

150 in stock

1d8e9271-1ab8-40a4-b3d3-0fa4792cd374.png404 Traffic Purple$6.95

71 in stock

82e6117e-dbe1-4e0c-b514-49382be3490a.png405 Erica Pastell Middle$6.95

119 in stock

6e604c59-40d4-4637-867b-541a2b3f023d.png407 Erica Violet Middle$6.95

74 in stock

8cfbb14c-b0ac-4191-b742-5aa948b061cd.png408 Grape$6.95

59 in stock

3717b7b4-685e-451f-bfe5-dddd6d9fdbe4.png410 Blackberry$6.95

39 in stock

f30cef9d-e83f-426e-b529-2ec411eeb0f2.png412 Currant$6.95

92 in stock

cb0a5325-7a1e-46ff-9c00-f987734ebdbb.png416 Viola Light$6.95

Out of stock

7c195cda-92b2-4f7b-81d0-d21b07c38bb9.png418 Viola$6.95

75 in stock

35cdff23-74b0-415e-9892-7fc63364603f.png420 Viola Dark$6.95

121 in stock

06314646-4536-4bae-b0a2-0bde1441bc9a.png424 Cosmos Blue Light$6.95

92 in stock

d8c0ead2-ad30-4aa1-b9aa-f1f0ed285f89.png426 Cosmos Blue$6.95

53 in stock

7ec8886f-2ac8-4943-9f49-7d3058ce31e8.png428 Cosmos Blue Dark$6.95

Out of stock

f42d9134-30be-4900-ab52-340927bb978e.png502 Lighting Blue$6.95

163 in stock

7d27e7d1-c763-4cf6-8ba4-59a96eabe763.png504 Light Blue Light$6.95

57 in stock

03c08942-a529-4581-874c-693744ce8e3a.png508 Light Blue$6.95

180 in stock

570e5def-1bae-4514-86a4-8db71d8c6fa6.png510 Sky Blue$6.95

139 in stock

bbee509d-e461-44c5-958c-dbcac33dbe2e.png511 Crazy Blue$6.95

Out of stock

e523555e-7ee7-42e4-b12e-c53ab84b1ed2.png512 Signal Blue$6.95

127 in stock

5d57d1d8-ae15-4387-9c3c-bf045ee60cf9.png514 True Blue$6.95

69 in stock

f352098b-6314-45a4-b5e0-7a102c90e676.png515 Ultramarine Blue$6.95

92 in stock

c2d45e44-c155-449a-8e74-a8e58764687d.png516 Cream Blue Light$6.95

94 in stock

23381d0e-f1aa-4d5e-89c1-764b8d7dc007.png518 Cream Blue$6.95

61 in stock

61bc7796-1c79-4c10-87dc-f922be778373.png520 Cream Blue Dark$6.95

86 in stock

d69041fc-7c97-4746-8a60-d1cb3c577af1.png522 Sapphire Blue$6.95

176 in stock

1d62f957-d3eb-4d75-a469-0976e8920a11.png523 Sapphire Blue Dark$6.95

98 in stock

c52b3345-c493-4997-bb78-6c8155eabdc8.png531 Verdigris Light$6.95

136 in stock

7fa4ea22-624c-434b-8783-24b5251592ad.png532 Verdigris Middle$6.95

155 in stock

8176bd1c-b290-4708-a74f-9dbd168eae92.png533 Verdigris$6.95

115 in stock

f713cea5-e51a-4046-b409-10e0ada9c817.png601 Crazy Riviera$6.95

182 in stock

f8997407-5976-4ece-b096-38f4b38b7467.png602 Riviera$6.95

204 in stock

6eb3ce58-0873-41f8-810d-c1ccac1ed25b.png604 Lagoon Blue$6.95

196 in stock

2f2b6375-5a98-41ea-a150-663aaf314bc9.png606 Ocean Blue$6.95

85 in stock

4474a24e-62b1-45f7-a289-bc80a7aa27a3.png608 Sage Middle$6.95

163 in stock

ae61b30c-32a9-47ab-9b4e-d4a322b540f7.png609 Sage$6.95

126 in stock

99c842e9-9b85-4c1d-91ff-c5bd7f7dadf9.png610 Sage Dark$6.95

97 in stock

713549bc-3700-4bc9-a2b1-3f17b7cea8c7.png613 Aqua Pastel Light$6.95

154 in stock

9916a48c-53d6-4efc-b38b-55bde5a1a76c.png614 Aqua Pastel$6.95

13 in stock

35347d09-5a4c-469e-8c88-bef33d730600.png616 Aqua Light$6.95

129 in stock

ae6ffb50-8fe0-4462-8597-780bc9087ac2.png618 Aqua$6.95

88 in stock

c975de62-1fc8-4b3b-9fd1-e71ea2c4cf54.png622 Mustard Light$6.95

130 in stock

f0768057-d15d-4b4c-99e2-65fb04453e31.png623 Crazy Green$6.95

147 in stock

bea5143a-5526-4a3a-92cc-63ec24a73605.png624 Pistachio Light$6.95

116 in stock

424e2b62-7e98-4a2a-acd2-62dcc634369f.png625 Mustard$6.95

118 in stock

dbedb796-33ec-40d4-91b8-1feffa15915a.png627 Crazy Grass$6.95

119 in stock

c79aab30-9563-48ee-99cf-0aacf66b6ac2.png628 Grass Green$6.95

149 in stock

e9adaa03-282b-4e45-85cd-0c1af099f78b.png629 Juice Green$6.95

152 in stock

0be1ba78-e94d-45b0-8e37-defff08a02d3.png631 Mustard Dark$6.95

87 in stock

3f085f17-4fb9-469e-a405-3e635fe39b06.png632 Leaf Green$6.95

178 in stock

f1feac2b-c1fd-47d3-be73-29e6745bd443.png633 Khaki Green$6.95

111 in stock

2157223e-c34d-49a6-a3dd-de282080ffb3.png636 Fir Green$6.95

139 in stock

bb52a855-3797-4743-931a-b664d6407e2f.png640 Kiwi Light$6.95

47 in stock

d12a40c0-d911-463d-a3cf-06c65cb6c02f.png642 Kiwi$6.95

172 in stock

83bf448f-2947-4e09-aa19-fd95a4ea455a.png644 Kiwi Dark$6.95

115 in stock

4464294e-0a3e-48ec-b32d-4e860bef8163.png664 Menthol Light$6.95

173 in stock

db6d070f-d483-422b-bf78-c4c6f7bfe040.png666 Menthol$6.95

39 in stock

bd14d2ca-6c85-4e25-aa9b-f66ff5c171c6.png667 Crazy Menthol$6.95

150 in stock

fcfb6b35-533d-4997-a2b8-3308647e4146.png670 Turquoise Light$6.95

62 in stock

d8ab8f2f-47d9-4275-a2be-69e5b97ef900.png672 Turquoise$6.95

166 in stock

30b1790d-b1cc-4df7-8ce1-0065a59bc5c5.png697 Cocoa Light$6.95

94 in stock

6526adda-77fc-4d12-a181-96f5d55d4dfa.png698 Cocoa$6.95

113 in stock

68efb5e3-7bd8-45af-b4af-e961589e6562.png699 Brown Red$6.95

37 in stock

bad83d32-46d7-461e-8dc6-9c996f21eda2.png702 Ivory Light$6.95

Out of stock

8d372a84-62a5-4bf2-8d3b-172d17cae94a.png704 Beige Brown$6.95

91 in stock

19f0e2c7-21d8-4c88-9615-c6c10dbc2336.png706 Ocher$6.95

81 in stock

e6c64d7d-1b4b-4121-beda-7df80724cb1e.png708 Nut$6.95

128 in stock

e9a66598-260a-46fb-a85a-34f9df434ad0.png710 Chocolate$6.95

167 in stock

4bdc3cd3-cc98-40a2-858d-7c2ff4235fd1.png732 Grey Beige Light$6.95

83 in stock

caba3097-8c06-49a6-9d20-3285f5475fb3.png734 Grey Beige$6.95

62 in stock

03c09c4d-de6c-4c2a-87aa-c5d158b0d753.png736 Khaki Grey$6.95

86 in stock

5e2c8924-1a15-4bbb-aedf-b3507ddc37e8.png830 Stone Grey Light$6.95

18 in stock

5034f201-a757-44a0-966e-0b7959693e7e.png831 Stone Grey Middle$6.95

52 in stock

ede7c20a-7785-4904-995d-6a04cf2887bf.png832 Stone Grey$6.95

47 in stock

1cd2f9ca-da32-4866-b865-750c9843fa22.png833 Stone Grey Dark$6.95

53 in stock

05424e8a-d4a9-45cd-a577-60d7aa4ab5a1.png834 Light Grey Neutral$6.95

145 in stock

c66d6ed9-2f72-4804-8e17-78011019d2ed.png836 Middle Grey Neutral$6.95

183 in stock

fe29ac17-4f42-4107-942b-08a342086818.png840 Dark Grey Neutral$6.95

138 in stock

8a521b0b-cafc-48a6-ae7f-b1aaa51d71b5.png844 Anthracite Grey$6.95

125 in stock

f6c4b0ba-7072-455d-a922-dd18a26c7f97.png900 Pure White$6.95

262 in stock

319ef95a-d1e9-45cf-ad9f-5b3856bd00c7.png901 Thick Black$6.95

Out of stock

c0e7997f-c838-40eb-a5d9-3cf4055a63f3.png902 Ultra Chrome$6.95

Out of stock

1e436320-94d4-4339-b430-cae24a8627c4.png904 Deep Black$6.95

Out of stock

1ae88a29-85b5-4fa5-bd32-ea3c4b026dbd.png906 Gold$6.95

127 in stock

SKU: 558162


The ultimate action spray can with an acrylic based formula. High output, matte coating (except metallics) and a range of 120 colours. Bought to you by MOLOTOW™

• Made in Europe

• Low odour formula

• Fast application

• High output

• High coverage

• Matt coating (exceptions Chrome and Gold)

• Constant all-season™ performance

• Excellent opacity and UV-resistance

• For all surfaces (indoor & outdoor)

• 120 brilliant colours

• Including FLAME stencil lid (patent pending)

• 400 ml


MSDS (.pdf)

Colour Chart (.pdf)

Product Information Sheet (.pdf)



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Weight 410 g
Dimensions 6.6 × 6.6 × 19.7 cm