AAA 1301 Short Sleeve Tee

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789861d2-2246-406c-9d10-9477fa976d3d.jpgAshMens S$5.00

34 in stock

de49eea7-9016-4bae-8749-5175b3d10096.jpgAthletic HeatherMens S$5.00

280 in stock

15cbb589-7659-455a-b9b2-826a0ec4bdcb.jpgAthletic HeatherMens M$5.00

379 in stock

869af6bd-e390-4f5e-98e1-3b36428ec9f7.jpgAthletic HeatherMens L$5.00

137 in stock

Charcoal-HeatherCharcoal HeatherMens S$5.00

60 in stock

Charcoal-HeatherCharcoal HeatherMens M$5.00

22 in stock

5e1b7896-4ee2-4b5f-bd88-53ae7ec57997.jpgSilverMens S$5.00

46 in stock

71c43d6c-990c-4d3b-b3da-62344993a6f8.jpgSilverMens L$5.00

4 in stock

1ed43b01-f7b5-4ab8-9a59-4fa827342db5.jpgSilverMens M$5.00

37 in stock

8a0a5129-c3db-41c0-bc93-d0fb16a0ae98.jpgCharcoalMens S$5.00

21 in stock

e1e7aba9-96f0-4516-80f1-fc1108846a86.jpgBananaMens M$5.00

125 in stock

7bd78b70-6311-44e1-bb0c-16fce503b30c.jpgBananaMens L$5.00

119 in stock

85551270-86b9-4ec4-a59e-fc434a0b7b3d.jpgBananaMens 2XL$5.00

111 in stock

c152a8c7-2bd4-4111-a25e-7678896cb82e.jpgGoldMens S$5.00

45 in stock

43b8311c-4381-439f-acdb-5d02acfe3100.jpgGoldMens M$5.00

2 in stock

a5768eea-8390-4c70-89fc-960acaa20690.jpgGoldMens L$5.00

65 in stock

f4281a64-c1f0-482d-80d1-0233e2abdd07.jpgYellowMens S$5.00

70 in stock

4464c1d5-c309-4896-bc94-4e35ca660752.jpgYellowMens M$5.00

3 in stock

6921f36c-d998-4cb6-92c5-c230f24e42f9.jpgYellowMens L$5.00

55 in stock

4181b1a2-c777-4a77-b88d-bccaaaeac5e2.jpgYellowMens 2XL$5.00

2 in stock

e97c3974-b700-4c80-a6ba-fbe2cf0f6157.jpgOrangeMens S$5.00

3 in stock

b0b4bfeb-a0ec-428a-a096-b041ae136534.jpgCardinalMens S$5.00

5 in stock

648a8a3b-7ab8-4506-a4f3-7a1a2a164e02.jpgPurpleMens S$5.00

Out of stock

5e35aefe-7c90-4a9a-907e-3581d4e4721d.jpgCoralMens 2XL$5.00

25 in stock

a804902e-410c-4c1b-9eea-b694c152ddf0.jpgPowder BlueMens M$5.00

12 in stock

2362e540-69eb-45d1-be18-71affce15e6c.jpgCarolina BlueMens S$5.00

26 in stock

599f13ff-3833-4888-87db-729199314beb.jpgCarolina BlueMens M$5.00

Out of stock

7bd19999-93e1-487e-959e-0e76b65d872a.jpgSlateMens S$5.00

62 in stock

a28ad523-29a3-4db8-a801-ed616d797f80.jpgSlateMens M$5.00

54 in stock

334635b3-b49a-4474-b84e-0f932599d751.jpgSlateMens L$5.00

58 in stock

7a1cd811-4cf7-41fa-97a8-24dc23481bfd.jpgRoyalMens S$5.00

38 in stock

23ebfdca-d457-4746-9b33-cd174da2b688.jpgHarbour BlueMens S$5.00

85 in stock

e79512b7-2088-4a47-ab3c-5fa05d082fc0.jpgHarbour BlueMens M$5.00

45 in stock

Denim-HeatherDenim HeatherMens S$5.00

71 in stock

Denim-HeatherDenim HeatherMens M$5.00

125 in stock

Denim-HeatherDenim HeatherMens L$5.00

73 in stock

Denim-HeatherDenim HeatherMens XL$5.00

47 in stock

900c1392-0f89-474a-8bd8-5d10fd9c52aa.jpgTurquoiseMens S$5.00

52 in stock

e7c230cf-b66f-426c-8826-33da97a0d4a8.jpgTurquoiseMens M$5.00

72 in stock

1b27602f-b23e-41ce-80ff-9ce5b2f79065.jpgTurquoiseMens L$5.00

121 in stock

bf324974-1c60-42e7-954e-12b0301d64ed.jpgMintMens S$5.00

Out of stock

8d59fff0-0e73-4250-bab7-0201c465c134.jpgKelly GreenMens S$5.00

24 in stock

2a3c2bfa-5299-4e30-be65-febf5fb18b3b.jpgKelly GreenMens M$5.00

Out of stock

68bc8945-81da-4fab-8793-6c8d0a31bfba.jpgKelly GreenMens L$5.00

57 in stock

23db3f59-143f-4b18-ac9f-ca12e548f4fa.jpgForest GreenMens S$5.00

1 in stock

bb4b5465-2de6-44c4-8173-bfea795e41c3.jpgMilitary GreenMens S$5.00

37 in stock

ae96f114-ea93-427c-a3a9-2bab9a32e29b.jpgSandMens S$5.00

38 in stock

b39f11d6-d55c-45f6-89aa-f0e25e82a960.jpgSafari GreenMens S$5.00

86 in stock

5f177a36-cc4f-44be-b1f9-f8f944b146fa.jpgSafari GreenMens M$5.00

63 in stock

0716ee37-8c82-4f26-8725-f5734edb28a6.jpgSafari GreenMens L$5.00

104 in stock

23c4659e-d96e-4f86-9a88-e67a605df211.jpgCoffeeMens S$5.00

56 in stock

46c58d52-e815-40df-9e27-bcefb8a123c1.jpgCoffeeMens M$5.00

Out of stock

320b29f0-340d-4d96-9d7e-b9b86036a378.jpgDark ChocMens S$5.00

53 in stock

7b05eb9c-0be9-4bbb-8089-4e9d91bc86c2.jpgSafety GreenMens L$5.00

10 in stock

43f4b2cc-26be-435e-992e-f7de66416917.jpgSafety GreenMens XL$5.00

Out of stock

4d571b37-b502-4565-b356-71d541c498d4.jpgSafety GreenMens 2XL$5.00

21 in stock

SKU: 02-0044-Safety Green-Mens 2XL


The AAA brand has been discontinued by the manufacturer. This is the last remaining stock. $5 sale only applies online. Please allow an extra 2 days for your order to be dispatched/ready for collection if it contains sale AAA’s.



• 203 g/m² (193 g/m² in White)
• 100% cotton jersey – fibre content varies by colour, see colour list for exceptions below
• Set-in rib collar with shoulder-to-shoulder taping
• Double-needle sleeve and bottom hem
• Preshrunk to minimise shrinkage
• Seamless double-needle 2cm collar
• Tear away label

Unique Fabric Blends
• Ash – 99/1 cotton/polyester
• Athletic Heather – 90/10 cotton/polyester
• Charcoal Heather – 50/50 cotton/polyester

Additional information

Weight 264 g
Dimensions 36 × 17 × 0.9 cm