The Disposable Skateboard Bible

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10th Anniversary Edition

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In this follow-up to Disposable: A History of Skateboard Art, Sean Cliver has assembled what is undoubtedly the most comprehensive visual overview of skateboards in print.

In addition to board galleries showcasing everything from the steel and clay wheeled planks to the mdern day 7-ply popsicles, the Disposable Skateboard Bible continues where the first book left off, featuring all-new anecdotes from the likes of V. Courtlandt Johnson, Mark Gonzales, CR Stecyk III, Rodney Mullen, Mark “Gator” Rogowski, George Powell, Mike Vallely, Tony Hawk, Art and Steve Godoy, Bruce Walker, Cristian Cooper, Lance Mountain, Greg Evans, Steve Caballero, Chuck Hults, Claus Grabke, Rich Harbour, Cris Dawson, Skip Engblom, Russ Howell, Stacy Peralta, David Hackett, PD, Tony Magnusson, Don Brown, Francesco Albertini, David Bergthold, Jim Gray, Steve Stteadham, Bernie Tostenson, and more, as well as an indepth look at the nostalgic madness that is skateboard collecting.

Hardcover; 368 full color pages. Lots of pictures. Well laid out. Truly a bible of decks.

by Sean Cliver

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