QBIX Stencil 1 Layer – Plastic – Tile Pattern – Morroccan Star and Cross

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This is a tile pattern template, which can be repeated to form a large design. This tile stencil is perfectly suited for various purposes, such as for wall decoration, on furniture, as a cake template, hobby arts and much more. This is a reusable and child friendly stencil.

– Stencil sheet size: A3 – 42 x 29,7cm / 16.5 x 11.7inch
– Cutout width is 17,5 cm / 7.1 inch

Stencils are laser cut on opal white 0.5mm thick official Mylar plastic. This plastic material is flexible yet extremely durable and suitable for use with all paints. Mylar is food safe and will last for many uses if cared for properly.

Made in Europe
Each stencil is made with love in The Hague – The Netherlands.

Directions for Use

QBIX stencils are perfect for walls, windows, DIY crafts, furniture, fabric, glass etching, chalk painting, craft art, baking, signage, and just about anything paint will stick to.

1. Clean the surface to which you want to apply your stencil.
2. Position the stencil so that the shape is exactly where you want it, and secure with some masking tape.
3. Mask the outside of the stencil if needed – you don’t want to get any spray paint outside of your intended area!
4. Shake your spray can well and paint your work of art. Keep a distance of approximately 15 cm.
5. Gently lift the stencil straight up off your surface.

Store plastic stencils in a cool place out of direct sunlight.

Additional information

Weight 75 g
Dimensions 31 × 45 × 0.1 cm