MTN PRO – Anti-Corrosive Enamel Paint

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Product Features

MTN PRO Anticorrosive Enamel Paint is a high gloss, enamel spray paint that can be applied directly over rust. It is very fast drying and retains its colour extremely well outdoors, resulting in a perfect finish.

This spray contains anticorrosive enamel paint, a finishing product that offers protection against corrosion on all kinds of ferrous items. Moreover, it can be applied directly on these materials’ rust, hence reducing the sanding work, although it is recommended to remove the large rusty parts.

Thanks to this anticorrosive spray paint, there is no need to use anti-rust primers on complex painted or large metal items, where eliminating a step in the touch-up process saves considerable time and money.

Glossy, highly resistant enamel paint with antioxidant properties.

Due to the characteristics of this product we recommend using it for touch-ups and painting on all types of materials.


– Industry

– Plumbing

– Automotive

– Aluminium joinery

– Vehicles

– Easy to apply and recoat

– Fast drying

– Excellent flexibility

– Does not contain lead or other heavy metals

– Very good covering power

– Good anti-corrosion power

– High resistance to outdoor exposure

– Durability of brightness and colour

– U.V. Resistant

– Optimum resistance to scratches once the coating is polymerized

– Made in Spain

MSDS MSDS (.pdf)

Technical Data Sheet TDS (.pdf )



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