MTN PRO – White Home Appliance Paint

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Can Size 400ml
Can Pressure Low
Valve System Male

MSDS MSDS (.pdf)
Technical Data Sheet
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Product Features
Solvent-based acrylic paint for touch-ups on household appliances. High intensity white.

MTN PRO White Home Appliance Paint is a spray paint composed of high quality acrylic vinyl resins and formulated with titanium dioxide and additives which result in a perfect finish. Due to the characteristics of this product we recommend using it for touch-ups and painting electrical appliances.

As it is a high quality paint, it can also be used for an endless number of applications where its characteristics are required.
– Washing machines
– Refrigerators
– Ovens
– Extractor hoods
– Dishwashers
– DIY and gardening


– Fast drying
– Highly resistant to abrasion once the film has been polymerized
– Long-lasting bright colour
– Easy to apply and repaint
– U.V. resistance
– Resistant to high temperatures
– Non-yellowing
– Perfect adhesion on paints used for household appliances

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Weight 420 g