MTN PRO Aerosol 400ml – Bathtub and Tile Paint

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The MTN PRO Bathtub and Tile Paint is a white satin spray paint developed with modified epoxy resins. It is an ideal choice for touching-up or repainting bathtubs, sinks and tiles in one product. Its excellent adherence and resistance to very humid environments make this product the best option for renovating bathrooms and kitchens, and can also be applied to any porcelain or ceramic surface with optimal results. The product is only available in white and can be recoated with varnish or paint to modify the colour or level of gloss. – Good adhesion to ceramic and porcelain – Strong resistance in humid environments – Resistant to UV rays – Easy to apply – Satin white colour – Can be painted over with other paints and varnishes INSTRUCTIONS FOR USE – Shake the can very well before use, for about a minute after hearing the noise of the mixing ball. – Apply to clean and dry surfaces, removing mould, grease, soap residue and any other kind of dirt. Prepare the surface with an scrubbing sponge and bathroom cleaning solution to create a slightly porous surface for better adhesion. Clean the entire surface once again and rinse with water. Sand the whole surface with P400 or P600 grit wet / dry sandpaper. Clean and dry before painting. – Apply the product from a distance of 15-20 cm. Apply in thin layers to avoid paint build up. Three thin coats are always better than one thick layer. Always test product on a small area before painting. – The surface can be painted again with the same product after 30-60 minutes. You can apply other products after 24 hours. After 72 hours you can use the bathtub normally. – Once the application is finished, invert the aerosol and purge the valve after use. If the nozzle clogs, replace it with a new one. – Do not apply to equipment connected to the mains and use in well ventilated areas.



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