MTN PRO – 2K Varnish

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MTN PRO Varnish 2K is a highly glossy 2-component polyurethane varnish with a great resistance to gasoline and other chemicals.

Excellent resistance to the elements and humidity. It can be applied on most surfaces and two-coat paint systems.

It is designed as a top coat to protect and enhance painted surfaces: machines, automotive parts, industry, decoration and where a high performance varnish is required. It does not turn yellow.

For professional use only. Contains isocyanates. The use of a mask is mandatory.


– Easy to apply and repaint

– Completely transparent

– Non-yellowing

– Excellent levelling and shine

– Resistant to gasoline and chemicals

– Strong resistance to weathering

– Good capacity for evening out imperfections on surface

– For professional use only. The catalyst contains isocyanates

– Very easy to polish

Instructions for Use

– Shake the can vigorously before use, for approximately one minute after hearing the sound of the mixer

– Remove the red button from the lid. Turn the can 180º and place the button on the stem on the bottom side of the aerosol

– Place the aerosol on a firm ground and press the red button with the palm of your hand

– After activation, shake the aerosol for 2 minutes to ensure a good mixing of the product and catalyst

– Once you have mixed the 2 parts together you have a maximum of 12 hours to apply the product

– Apply on clean and dry surfaces. On already painted bilayer system surfaces, check the compatibilities in cases where using paints by other manufacturers

– Never apply to equipment that is plugged in and use in well ventilated areas

– Do not breathe the aerosol vapours

– For professional use only, contains isocyanates. Use of personal protective equipment such as glasses, mask and gloves is mandatory

– Refer to safety data sheets


Safety Data Sheet – Gloss (.pdf)

Safety Data Sheet – Matte (.pdf)

Technical Data Sheet (.pdf)

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