MTN PRO – Luminous Paint 150ml

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Photo-luminescent acrylic paint that is ideal for signage on evacuation routes, emergency panels, and spaces without lighting where signage is needed.

The paint is composed of pigments that charge under light in a short period of time and then glow in the dark for a long period of time.

Due to this characteristic, we recommend using it on surfaces that must be seen in the absence of light.

The luminous intensity depends on the quantity and uniformity of application. When applied on white surfaces, an optimum luminous effect is obtained.

In daylight the paint is white in colour with a green/yellow tinge.


• Very fast drying

• Long lasting effect

• Good adherence

• Easy application and repainting

• Long lasting luminescence

• A subsequent coat of acrylic varnish is recommended


• Signage

• Exits and emergency routes

• Mining

• Parking

• Tunnels

• Emergency panels

• Fire extinguishers

• Decoration

• In general, where signage without illumination is needed

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