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Product Features
The Mega Plata (Silver Chrome) is has been created with these objectives in mind: An all terrain spray can that doesn’t fail in the most important of moments and offers you totally unmatched results. MTN have developed the Mega to withstand the harshest of tests, making it the perfect tool for any type of situation that a writer can find himself in.

With 600ml you have never have got more from one can! Guaranteed to cover a surface area of at least 12 m2 , super-fast drying times that allow, the immediate painting over with any other colour. An unmatched coverage, even on the most porous of surfaces, whilst still maintaining its exterior resistance and shine – even in really low temperatures – and a line thickness of up to 25 cm. All the attributes we have no doubt, you’ll know how to take advantage of, in those key moments.

• Powerful valve that makes the product especially suitable for painting large surfaces
• Very fast drying
• Excellent flexibility
• Easy to apply and repaint
• Good hardening
• Does not contain lead nor other heavy metals
• High covering capability
• Good resistance to the outdoors
• Colour and brightness durability
• Good resistance to UV light (see chart)
• Strong resistance to scratching once the film is polymerized

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Weight 630 g
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