MTN Liquid Paint

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3 Metallic Colours • 200ml


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Permanent paint formulated with solvent-based, fast drying acrylic resins and leafing pigments of a metallic appearance.

Three colours (gold, silver and copper) that can be utilised with all types of techniques. The metallic finish lasts longer due to its formulation, its dry time is much faster, and it adheres better to almost any surface. For best application results shake before use. This product will appeal to graffiti writers and lettering enthusiasts.Its versatility has no limits.

• Shake the product well before use so the mixing balls mix the pigment

• Degrease the surface prior to application

• Store in a dry place and avoid high temperatures

• Use in well ventilated areas

• Fill markers or use with a brush or airbrush

• Clean brushes with Mineral Turpentine

* note due to the solvents in the ink it may attack plastic components of airbrushes and markers – not compatible with all plastics

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