Montana Crackle Effect

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CRACKLE EFFECT for the special crackle-look (e.g. for a vintage or used-look).

Prior coating of your object is necessary with colours of Montana GOLD (recommended) or Montana WHITE (the thicker the base coat the stronger the effect). Give at least 45min but not more than 24hours drying time to the base coat before applying CRACKLE effect (drying time might vary due to temperature, humidity and thickness of coating). Apply spray strokes from left to right in a crossing over motion (cross-coating) for best results. After extensively applying CRACKLE Effect to your primed area, the distressing (cracking) process will begin to occur.

The CRACKLE spray is high-covering and can be top-coated when fully dry and cured (after 24h).

Recommended working temperature is between 10°C und 25°C.

During application, protect the object and the surrounding area from spray mist.

Surfaces should be dry, clean of dust, oils and rust before varnish application.

Shake can well for 2-3 minutes upside down to take advantage of gravity.

Remove the safety ring by removing the nozzle and turning the can upside down allowing it to fall out.

To achieve greater crackling effects, further application can be applied after 5 minutes.

Always test spray on a non-visible area to check compatibility of lacquer or paint.



MSDS Download MSDS (.pdf)

Technical Sheet TECH & EFFECTS BROCHURE (.pdf)

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