Marabu Textil Starter Kit – Metallic

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The full-coverage water-based fabric paint for school, hobby, leisure and craft.

Especially for dark, but also light non-finish cotton, linen, silk, jute and blended fabrics up to max. 20% synthetic fiber content. Excellent for painting and stenciling. Textil plus is extremely resistant to washing up to 40 ° C after fixation.The 12 shades provide a striking opacity, an unprecedented brilliance and an extremely soft feel. All sounds are miscible with each other. For firmer and thicker fabrics, we recommend a thicker coat of paint.

6 x Textil plus 15 ml
• Medium yellow 021
• Carmine red 032
• Dark ultramarine 055
• French green 015
• White 070, Black 073

1 x brush
• Marabu Universal flat size 8

Full coverage fabric paint for dark fabrics
Washable up to 40 °C
Soft to the touch
Ideal for fabric painting and fabric printing
Iron fixing or oven fixing


Wash out finishes and fabric conditioners before painting. Paint Marabu Textil plus on the dry fabric and leave to dry. Then iron each painted section (50 x 50 cm) from the front through a thin cloth for 5 minutes at cotton setting or fix in the oven for 8 minutes at 150°C. Afterwards Marabu Textil plus will be perfectly washable up to 40°C. Simply clean brushes and other tools with water immediately after use. Always wash and iron textiles inside out or iron from the front through a cloth.

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Weight 400 g
Dimensions 25 × 5.5 × 10 cm