Kuretake Brush Pen – White

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• ZIG Cartoonist is a system designed for use by professional, manga/cartoon artists, urban and graphic designers • White brush pen, great for highlights in illustration and manga artworks • Water-based Pigment • Extra fine brush tip This white brush pen features soft bristles that can produce a wide range of thick and thin lines, making it a great choice for manga, calligraphy, and other art. Its extra fine tip is perfect for drawing highlights and fine details, as well as correcting stray lines. You can draw over the dried ink with alcohol markers and other pens. Alcohol markers used over the white ink will leave lighter marks than usual, which lets you easily add softly coloured highlights to your work. The pen can also be used over ink to make corrections or add highlights. The pen’s water-based pigment ink is quick drying and water resistant. HOW TO ACTIVATE • Twist off pen nib • Take off yellow ring and re twist the pen nib into cartridge • Replace cap and shake well before every use WARNING Do not apply too much pressure to cartridge, it may result in a breakage PLEASE NOTE • Not intended for use by children • As the ink can easily solidify please wipe off the tip after use and close the cap firmly • If the ink comes into contact with clothes it may stain • Dropping or shaking the pen too much may result in ink leaking • Practise on a separate piece of paper first in order to control the flow of ink • Do not leave in direct sunlight or in high temperatures • Keep the pen in a vertical position with the cap facing upwards when in storage

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