GROG BPI Cutter 08

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4 Colours

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The Razor Blade 2.0

CUTTER 08 BPI will soon become THE standard of street writing, no doubts. This long awaited version is still equipped with the infamous 8 mm polyester QUICKFLOW Chisel Tip but hey, you won’t even have to soak it, as the ink will flow on the surface like there was no tomorrow. Then, add that it’s handy, concealable, pocket size and there you go: You got the recipe for a must-have. CUTTER 08 BPI comes filled with 20 ml of BUFF PROOF INK… All right buddies, get in line!

Equipped With > QUICKFLOW 08 Chisel Tip

Tip Material > Polyester Fibres

Nib Size > 8 mm

Ideal For > Plastic, Glass, Metal, Painted Surfaces

Barrel Type > Rigid plastic body

Volume > 20 ml

Filled With > BUFF PROOF INK™ 200

Refillable > Yes

Available as Empty > Yes

Storage > Horizontal

Instruction for Use

Shake well before use, with cap on.

Press the tip several times until the ink comes down.

Always recap after use, to extend the tip’s durability.

Contains alcohol-based solvents, use in well ventilated areas.

Additional information

Weight 26 g
Dimensions 1.5 × 12 × 1.5 cm