GROG APP Squeezer Mini 05

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11 Colours

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SKU: SM05A-06



The Naughty Boy.

SQUEEZER MINI 05 APP is another new entry in our big family. Equipped with a 5 mm FLOWTEX Round Tip, in combination with a compact size soft body, this tool is ideal for filling large areas with ease.

SQUEEZER MINI 05 APP comes filled with 35 ml of AQUA PRO PAINT, for making easier your daily work.

• Equipped With > FLOWTEX™ 05 Round Tip

• Tip Material > Textile Fabric

• Nib Size > 5 mm

• Ideal For > Wood, Paper, Cardboard, Plastic, Glass, Metal

• Barrel Type > Squeezable Soft Plastic Body

• Volume > 35 ml

• Filled With > AQUA PRO PAINT™ 100

• Refillable > Yes

• Available as Empty > Yes (Empty Mini 05 Squeezer)

• Storage > Vertical

• Color Range > 11 shades (10 Standard colours / 1 Metallic colour)

Instruction for Use:

Shake well before use, with cap on.

Squeeze the body and press the tip on the surface, in order to soak it.

Always recap after use, to extend the tip’s durability.


Technical Data Sheet (.pdf)

MSDS (.pdf)

Colour Chart (.xlsx)


Can’t Joke with a Pro (Youtube)

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Weight 80 g