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20 Colours

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308daf2a-e46c-4487-9d70-ca6289814d39.jpgDeath Black$11.95

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b8039c62-160e-44b0-8889-595c9320ad7a.jpgJellyfish Fuchsia$11.95

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a37a00e1-bb1f-4f78-8f2f-e57c8361a91d.jpgBruise Violet$11.95

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e82e2fa0-437a-403a-9199-886ff79737c5.pngLaser Green$11.95

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79133439-a49a-429f-9f35-9c459d42bf33.jpgDiving Blue$11.95

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51430f23-dac8-4e7c-b2d0-7a2dc14cd4c1.jpgIceberg Blue$11.95

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64835eb5-4475-47b2-b5f3-af5ad46934e2.jpgJames Brown$11.95

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SKU: P04A-35



The Pocket Rocket.

POINTER 04 APP is the most versatile of our markers. Equipped with a 4 mm polyester CONTROL Round Tip, in combination with a compact size strong plastic barrel, this baby will rock all the surfaces you have in mind, no matter what.

POINTER 04 APP comes filled with 8 ml of AQUA PRO PAINT. Sit down, relax and have fun with it.

• Equipped With > CONTROL™ 04 Round Tip

• Tip Material > Polyester Fibres

• Nib Size > 4 mm

• Ideal For > Wood, Paper, Cardboard, Plastic, Glass, Metal

• Barrel Type > Rigid plastic body

• Volume > 15 ml

• Filled With > AQUA PRO PAINT™ 100

• Refillable > Yes

• Available as Empty > Yes POINTER 04 Empty

• Storage > Horizontal

• Colour Range > 20 shades (19 Standard colours / 1 Metallic colour)

Instruction for Use:

Shake well before use, with cap on.

Press the tip several times until the ink comes down.

Always recap after use, to extend the tip’s durability.


Technical Data Sheet (.pdf)

MSDS (.pdf)

Colour Chart (.xlsx)


Can’t Joke with a Pro (Youtube)

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Weight 45 g