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Want to learn Graffiti? Then this book is just right for you!

On 352 pages, you will find everything you need to start with the spray can theory. The GRAFFITI BIBLE provides a comprehensive knowledge of the basics you should know if you are serious about the can, and explains the most diverse techniques as well as the most important styles.

But this publication can do even more than comparable learning books, because the content is extended by a very interesting facet, offering an insight into the graffiti culture itself through interviews with world famous graffiti writers like BATES, NYCHOS, CHAS, MADC, ASKEW and others. The Kings & Queens of the scene tell us their story and secrets of how they became the best writers in the world. In addition, you can study their works from the beginning to their current professional level!

The author is Eske Touborg, who has specialized in publishing graffiti literature since 2014 and has already published several smaller titles. Eske now bundles all his knowledge in this comprehensive guide, which more than deserves the name GRAFFITI BIBLE. Amen!

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