DNA Colour Shift Aerosol 350ml –

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9 Colours

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eb4f35fa-0ccf-4c1a-a0b6-be437a4053dc-1.jpgAcid Rain$64.00

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dfae61f9-3445-415e-bd30-6ed2fb79f7ed.jpgAtlantic Tide$64.00

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e7f94f14-83cd-46b1-bdba-2b0e7361f57e.jpgNorthern Lights$64.00

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2a2254fb-e773-475c-8434-b28f7b42b530.jpgPeople Eater$64.00

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315f4f7a-0d75-445b-8152-fa37ce3c91c5.jpgRed Rush$64.00

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eb9dfa70-d9ad-4a46-b1b2-50f72eaea325.jpgSunset Sky$64.00

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11b0a38e-1011-483b-b9b4-9813201738c8.jpgViolent Crumble$64.00

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9c060ab2-3f7e-4d6e-abe2-ad0d6ee34806.jpgDragon Fire$64.00

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Colour-Shift is applied like a traditional 3 layer pearl and can be applied over any colour base coat you choose. For the most dramatic and intense colour effect apply over a dark or black base.

You may choose to apply over other colours to produce a comprehensive range of rich colour changing effects.

For best results and maximum UV protection always top coat with a clear.

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Weight 410 g
Dimensions 20 × 6.5 × 6.5 cm