Amsterdam Acrylic Gesso Black 250ml

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Provides good adhesion for acrylic paint, oil paint and gouache, etc.
Suitable for absorbent grounds that are free of dust and grease, such as artists’ canvas (linen, cotton, etc.), wood, plywood, hardboard, cardboard and paper
Suitable as preparation for murals on (alkaline) grounds such as fresh concrete, stucco and bricks
Very absorbent grounds must first be pre-sized with Amsterdam acrylic binder
Amsterdam gesso black, Amsterdam gesso white, Amsterdam gesso transparent can all be mixed together
Can be coloured with acrylic paint
Thinnable with water & Waterproof when dry
Use at temperatures above 10° C and Store frost-free
Clean utensils with water
Purpose: Applying a universal preparatory layer on various absorbent grounds
Composition: Acrylic resin dispersion, synthetic iron oxide

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