Aerosol Nozzle – Red Calligraphy – Pack of 100

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Wide Chisel Spray

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• Spray Width: Wide

• Spray Shape: Chisel/Fan

• Male cap

• Works on most female valved cans including MTN, Ironlak, Montana, Flame, Molotow, Loop, OneTake, Kobra and others

• This cap has a wider spray than the white Transversal nozzle

• Other names: Transversal Fat Cap

• This cap that projects a chiseled shot of paint that produces the same effect as a beveled marker
• Can achieve line width of approximately 3.5 to 9 cm, and larger
• Adjustable spray, can rotate 90° to change direction of spray
• This cap is specially designed to paint typography but it is also very useful for filling in spaces efficiently

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Weight 200 g
Dimensions 21 × 12 × 3 cm